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Blog Posts

  • 7 Must Haves For Hosting an Unforgettable Halloween Party

    We're on the verge of Halloween 2022 and the excitement is off the roof for everyone. Everybody is looking forward to having a worry-less blast with friends and loved ones.The spookiest time of the year is also the happiest for many people around the world.
  • How to Throw The Perfect Basement Party?

    There are several things you need to consider before you decide to throw a basement party. In order to achieve the “awesome party” status, you need to make sure you have the following essentials covered. Your guests will be impressed and your party will go down on the books as one of the greats!
  • 7 Essentials for Your Next Wine Tasting Party

    Are you thinking of hosting a wine tasting party soon? If so, there are a few things you'll need to make sure you have in order to ensure a successful event. From the right glassware to delicious appetizers, read on for our 7 essential items for your next wine tasting party
  • 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Bar Cabinet

    Buying bar cabinets these days can feel a bit overwhelming if you are a first-time buyer. If your home is starting to feel a little cramped and cluttered, it might be time to invest in a new bar cabinet.
  • 7 Must Haves For Hosting A Perfect Superbowl Party

    It's that time of the year again, ladies and gentlemen. It's Superbowl week and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. Now that COVID-19 is not spreading like wildfire, we can enjoy getting together in big groups guilt-free again. There are a few things that unite us as much as sporting events.
  • 5 Things To Consider When Buying Your New Home Bar

    Are you considering purchasing a home bar? If so, there are a few things you need to know before making your purchase. In this blog post, we will discuss five important factors that you should take into consideration before buying a home bar. By understanding these factors, you can be sure that you are making the right decision for your needs and budget!
  • Amazing Poker Game Tables to Up Your Game In 2022

    There are many ways to optimize the game room in your home and an absolute favorite over the years is adding the one and only, world’s famous poker table. This piece of furniture is directly related to entertain and to enhance good times for guests coming over. Finding the right one to fit your needs might be a hassle which is why we are listing a few different kinds to help you find the perfect poker table for you.
  • 5 Types of Bar Carts to Consider For Your Next Event

    Football season might be over soon, but there are still plenty of party planning opportunities left for 2022. The Superbowl is just a couple of weeks away and this year is FIFA World Cup year. Not everything revolves around sports and we get that, which is why we are listing five different types of bar carts for any occasion.
  • The 9 Must-Haves For Hosting The Perfect Party In 2022

    That's correct, 2021 is gone, and 2022 has taken over the steering wheel. You're not alone if the prospect of a new year makes your brain spin. With so much time lost due to the COVID 19 pandemic, it feels like it was only yesterday that we were in 2019.
  • Make Your Place The Best After Hours Spot

    We've all had nights that we didn't necessarily wanted to end. From junk food binges after a wild night to nonstop dancing in the club, these nights account for memories that will last a lifetime. In today's world, there's not a better and safer place to keep the night going other than from the comfort of your own home. At Elegant Bars...
  • Home Bar Essentials Everyone Should Have

    When you hear about Home Bar you might think of a finished basement bar, but a home bar can be any place. When you have a home bar, you have the responsibility of safekeeping that area stocked with the right items which in effect, could make a memorable gathering when family, friends, and relatives come over for drinks.
  • Elegance at home

    Everyone is entitled to decorate their homes to their own taste. Home bar sets are key to portray one’s distinctive sense of style. From man caves ...