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How to Create the Perfect Game Room Setup

Do you have a spare room in your home that you just don't know what to do with? Turning it into a game room is a no-brainer. There are numerous benefits to having a game room, but designing one isn't as easy as it might sound. A lot of homeowners get ahead of themselves when they start thinking about a gaming area, but there are a lot of logistics to think about. If you're going to do it, you might as well do it right. In this post, we're going to give you a quick guide on how to create the perfect game room setup. We'll take you from the planning phase all the way to the last games table, so keep reading and learn how to build a space where you can relax and have fun in your home.

Who Is the Game Room For?

Before you can start designing the perfect game room in your basement, garage, or spare room, you need to think about who will be enjoying it. Who the game room is geared toward will help you make all of the subsequent design and decor decisions. A game room for the entire family might include a billiards table, darts, and a card table, but also a television and a place to play board games. If it's all about the kids, you might be focused more on video games. An adults-only games room might include card tables, billiards, and a bar. Once you know who you're designing it for, you can start visualizing the room, buying furniture, etc.

Considering Logistics Ahead of Time

Logistically speaking, there's a lot to do in a game room. It's not just moving a bunch of games into an empty room and starting to play them. You need to think about the layout of the room and how to maximize the amount of space for maximum comfort and fun. If the game room is going in an unfinished basement, for instance, you're going to have to think about wiring, plumbing, carpeting, and drywall. If it's in an existing room, finding enough space will be your biggest challenge. It's important to be thinking about the logistics before any decisions are finalized. The more prepared the room is for the games, entertainment area, and home bar, the more seamlessly you'll be able to transform the room with all of these things.

Laying Out the Gaming Space

The gaming space is the most important part of the games room. When deciding between different games, you need to think about how they'll fit in your room. For instance, a pool table needs around 4.5 feet of clearance around the table for players to extend the pool cues. A gaming table requires less space, but you don't want any of the players to feel cramped in their seats. If you're aesthetically minded, you'll also have to consider how the space looks with multiple games placed throughout the room. Laying out the gaming space in a way that is pleasing to the eye and promotes a sense of relaxation can be difficult. At this point, you should be thinking about lighting and furniture as well. You need good lighting to play certain games, so as you're laying out the gaming space, you should be figuring out where to put overhead lights and lamps, in addition to ambient light.

Conceiving the Games Room Bar

Is any games room complete without a bar? When you're having guests over, having an area to serve drinks and entertain really adds to the ambiance of the game room. You don't even need to dedicate a whole area of the room to the bar if space won't allow it. There are plenty of bar cabinets and carts you can get that'll give you all of the functionality of a full bar setup. Check out our inventory of amazing wine bars and cabinets that can hold all of your bottles. Combine this with a fridge and you've got everything you need. If you do have space for a full bar, nothing can elevate a games room more. We have countless types and styles of home bars for any type of games room. You can even look into pub sets for extra bar seating where you can play pub-style drinking games.

Buying Your Games

Once you've got your layout planned, you can start buying the games for your game room. A good game room will have at least one feature game, like a billiards or foosball table, along with a card table or a multi-game table. Variety is what makes a game room maintain its excitement for a long time. Head over to the Game Room section of our website to find all of these things and more. If you're going to be entertaining younger people in your game room, you might consider putting a TV on one of the walls. Here, they can watch movies or play video games without taking too much space away from the other games.

Getting the Right Furniture

Functionality is one of the keys to a successful game room and at the heart of it all, a game room is a place to entertain and relax. If you don't have the right furniture to promote the right vibe, then you're doing yourself and your game room a disservice. In addition to nice seats for the game tables and bar stools for the bar, you should find a comfortable couch and a few other chairs. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort, so seek out furniture that fits with the overall aesthetic of the room.

Enjoying Your Game Room

Now that you've carefully designed and built the perfect game room, it's time to enjoy it. Creating a games room can be a tall task, but all of the hard work is worth it when you've got family and friends enjoying themselves in it. For all of the finest bar and game room furniture, visit us at visit us at Elegant Bars.

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