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7 Essentials for Your Next Wine Tasting Party

Are you thinking of hosting a wine tasting party soon? If so, there are a few things you'll need to make sure you have in order to ensure a successful event. From the right glassware to delicious appetizers, read on for our 7 essential items for your next wine tasting party.

  1. Glassware; Stemmed or stemless?

Think about what type of event you want to host. Stemless glasses are more suitable for casual occasions like a small get together with your closest friends, while stemmed glasses are more elegant and formal. Balance out the pros and cons of each and make your decision based on your needs. On one hand, stemless glassware is more durable, easier to store, and dishwasher friendly. On the other hand, stemmed glasses keeps the wine temperature for a longer period because hand temperature does not affect the wine temperature. Stemmed glassware is also better if you own a wine cabinet since most of them come with stemware holders to enhance a more sophisticated look. Finally, you can easily swirl your wine to facilitate it to breathe.

  1. Snacks / Food

You must have this essential down to a T if you want your party to be enjoyed to its full potential. Did you want to cook a home-made meal for all your friends and spend hours cooking your signature dish? (Keep in mind that pasta and wine are a great combination that will likely be enjoyed by all your guests). Or would you rather have a snack tray prepared so everyone can be casually snacking on cold cuts, cheeses and crackers? Either way, food is a must if you don’t want your guests to be hungry and end up leaving early to get some food.


  1. Wine

The main guest of any wine tasting party, wine. Every wine aficionado knows about the different kinds of wine and that everyone’s taste is unique. The ultimate party host will make sure that any wine storage furniture (wine rack, wine cabinet, wine fridge) is fully stacked from California’s Chardonnay, to the Sauvignon Blanc from France. Please manage your wine tasting responsibly and do not drink and drive. We live in a world where we can find a ride with a few taps on our phones, don’t be caught red handed and be responsible.


  1. Wine Aerator

This item is a must have for any wine connoisseur. Wine is a flavor changing drink that requires oxygen to develop its full flavor palette. A wine aerator’s job is to reduce the wait time for the wine to become optimal for maximum enjoyment. No more need to wait, put one of these in your favorite wine bottle for immediate enjoyment. There are many kinds of wine aerators out there, make sure you do your research before investing in one.


  1. Wine Storage Furniture

This item is directly correlated to the size of the wine collection you have in your home. The larger the collection the bigger the item needed. One of the most popular wine cabinets are corner wine cabinets. These are great space savers as well as perfect for showcasing your collection elegantly. Most of these come with mirrors in the back, light switches and stemware holders. Owning one of these will sure make you throw every wine tasting party you can think of. Wine fridges are also popular among wine enthusiasts as they keep your wines stashed neat and tidy while maintaining a cold temperature.


  1. Music

Make sure you have background music playing throughout the party. Have a designated Bluetooth DJ that oversees the mood of the guests and changes the music accordingly. Classical music is always a great music alternative when the party is getting started. It helps your guests relax and have peaceful conversations. As your guests start to feel the effects of the wine, you might want to change the music to something more danceable. Even the shyest person is inclined to dance a little when there’s a little bit of wine involved and great soundtrack playing. Make your wine tasting party an unforgettable night that your guests leave wanting more by using this often-forgotten party essential.


  1. Bottle Openers

Want to avoid embarrassment and having to miss part of the party because you had to go to the store to get a bottle opener? Have at least 2 bottle openers for your guests to use. Having a backup plan has never been a bad idea, be smart and plan upfront.

In conclusion, whether you’re a wine lover or just looking to throw an epic party, we hope this guide has helped give you some ideas on what you need to get started. With the right glassware, snacks, and tunes, your wine tasting party is sure to be a hit! We’ll be on the lookout for your party invite.

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