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7 Chic and Modern Bar Cabinets for Your Home

If you love entertaining friends and family in your home, you're not alone. A global study found that the U.S. ranks among the top five countries in the world for hosting in their home every day or most days of the week. A whopping 50 percent of Americans resort that they entertain guests in their home at least once a month.

Entertaining guests at home can be tons of fun. But if you do it often, you'll likely want to invest in some furniture to help you better entertain your guests while they're there. Bar cabinets are one great option.

A bar cabinet can be a space-saving way to add a bar to your home without having to overhaul your design or layout. A bar cabinet can hold your favorite drinks, bottles of wines, glasses, and any accessories you might need.

Open it up while you entertain. Then, when your guests go home, you can close it back up to save space and keep your bottles tucked safely away from kids and pets. Plus, you can customize your bar cabinet by choosing a design that works with your existing style.

If you're looking for chic, modern bar cabinets to add to your space, keep reading. We're bringing your our 7 favorite options.

1. White Waves Wine Cabinet

When you're looking for chic bars for home, less is more. This White Waves Wine Cabinet features an all-white design that's understated, yet elegant. The detail of the raised waves creates beautiful textures that can accent a variety of styles in your home.  

While the outside of this cabinet may be understated, the inside is anything but. Open the double doors, and you'll find a variety of shelf options for storing all of your favorite drinks, glasses, and more. There's a built-in wine rack, shelves on the door, and even slots for hanging stemmed glasses.

2. Wiley Wine & Bar Cabinet

Retro bar carts are having a big moment. But while antique bar carts and shelves can be a great find, they often don't work well with modern, chic home decor.

If you're looking for modern short bar cabinets with a nod to retro design, the Howard Miller - Wiley Wine & Bar Cabinet is a great find. The aged brass finish, faux rivets, and metal frame looks as though they were crafted from antique military planes. But the overall design and large glass doors give the cart a more modern feel.

3. Amika Accent Bar Cabinet

If you're looking for chic bar carts that double as statement pieces for your home, the Amika Accent Bar Cabinet is a great choice. With a nod to Art Deco design, this is one of the most unique liquor cabinets you can find. 

The cabinet itself is simple and clean, with a square cabinet set atop a contemporary brass base. But what catches your eye is the brilliant star pattern on the face of this cabinet. The bright white design is set off by the elegant black of the rest of the cabinet. 

If you like an understated look for your home bar furniture, this is a great option. When the doors are closed, guests will have no idea that your favorite drinks and accessories are hiding inside!

4. Boilermaker Bar Cabinet

If you love the Wiley Wine & Bar Cabinet but are looking for tall bar cabinets instead, the Howard Miller - Boilermaker Bar Cabinet is a great alternative. This cart features similar accents, like the faux rivets and aged brass finish. However, this tall cabinet features a large, oval design that's elegant, and perfect for creating a statement conversation piece in your room.

Clear bar cabinets like this are also idea for showing off your favorite bottles, especially if you enjoy entertaining.

5. Larkin Faux Marble Wine Cabinet

Marble is having a big moment this year. if you've been looking for a way to add this trendy texture to your home, the Larkin Faux Marble Wine Cabinet is the perfect pick.

The faux marble finish is simple and understated, which helps to keep the design from overwhelming this compact cabinet. The white-on-white marble is accented by modern copper-colored chrome statement pulls. The shelves inside are all adjustable, making it easy to customize the cabinet.

6. Venus Black & Gold Bar Cabinet

If you're looking for something ultra-modern, look no further. The Venus Black & Gold Bar Cabinet is as modern as it gets. The sleek black cabinet has a pebbled texture to the deep black finish. A small bar cabinet is perched on chic black legs. Brushed gold pulls in a chic circular shape, as well as matching gold accents on the legs, complete this understated, yet dramatic cabinet.

The elegant design continues inside this cabinet, too. The inside is painted black, but the racks for holding wine bottles and long-stemmed glasses are gold. The wine rack is designed in a honeycomb shape that continues the unique contemporary design inside the cabinet.

7. Al Fresco Wine & Bar Console

Another modern cabinet with a vintage feel is the Al Fresco Wine & Bar Console. As far as chic bar carts go, this option is pretty simple, with glass doors, a black backing to the simple shelves, and a dark wood top that folds out to create a larger bar surface.

But it's the wheels on this cart that stand out and add detail to it. The cabinet sits on four cast iron wheels that actually work, so you can easily move your cart from one space to another.

Choosing the Best Bar Cabinets for Your Space

When it comes to choosing bar cabinets that are both modern and chic, you have plenty of options. From the simple, elegant White Waves Wine Cabinet, to the dramatic Venus Black & Gold Bar Cabinet, any of the options on this list can be a great addition to your space.

If you're still on the search for the perfect bar cabinets for your space, shop the rest of our selection now!

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