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Amazing Poker Game Tables to Up Your Game In 2022

There are many ways to optimize the game room in your home and an absolute favorite over the years is adding the one and only, world’s famous poker table. This piece of furniture is directly related to entertain and to enhance good times for guests coming over. Finding the right one to fit your needs might be a hassle which is why we are listing a few different kinds to help you find the perfect poker table for you.

Foldable Poker Table

The lightest and most practical of its kind. The space saver option that is ideal for space constraints and if game nights tend to rotate places every week. These tables usually have folding game chairs that match the color of the table. These foldable poker tables do not have a dining top, meaning that their sole purpose is for game night (unless you want to ruin it with mustard stains).

Folding Poker Game Table Set - RAM Game Room - Elegant Bars

Reversible 3 in 1 Poker Table

For those who want it all, the reversible 3 in 1 poker table is the right option. Reversible poker tables include a dining top, checkered top to switch games after getting tired of winning at one (it happens), as well as the traditional poker table with cup holders and chip holder trays. This type of poker table is the most family friendly of all, since the kids can enjoy games before going to bed and the adults can simply change the top for the casino fun to start. These tables are ideal for recreational family rooms, basements and man caves.

Reversible Poker Table - Vegas Counter height game table - Elegant Bars

Reversible Poker Table with Storage Cabinets

If you are one to pay close attention to neat and tidiness, then a poker table with storage space is what you need. These are a rare find since most poker tables come with a base and pedestal that usually are screwed in together without any space for storage. Because of this, these tend to be pricier and in high demand. These tables will allow you to store multiple board games and all your accessories handy.

Howard Miller Niagara Game Table - Buy at Elegant Bars - Online Game Room Furniture

Texas Hold’em Poker Table

An extrovert’s favorite. The Texas Hold’em poker table sits a total of eight people comfortably. This table also comes with a dining top to switch from dining to game table quickly. These have a padded vinyl surface along with eight cup holders. Host a big party and a night to remember for years to come with all your friends, neighbors, and family.


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