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5 Things To Consider When Buying Your New Home Bar

Are you considering purchasing a home bar? If so, there are a few things you need to know before making your purchase. In this blog post, we will discuss five important factors that you should take into consideration before buying a home bar. By understanding these factors, you can be sure that you are making the right decision for your needs and budget!

Needs Assembly?

The first factor we're going to talk about is assembly. Many homeowners are weekend warriors and do it yourselfers and love to knock down a project over a weekend. Many others (myself included) are not as handy or patient when it comes to assembling a new piece of furniture. Home Bars that ship fully assembled make it more difficult to bring in through small entry ways, doors or stairs. When ordering a fully assembled bar, make sure you look closely at the measurements of it and the area where it will be brought into. If it doesn't fit, you'll be left with a very large and expensive piece of furniture taking up space likely outside of your home.

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The second factor you need to consider is the type of bar. Do you want a traditional bar with cabinets and storage or something that has more of a contemporary / minimalist look? Depending on where you plan to stash your liquor (aka liquid courage) this might be a deciding factor for you. Some homeowners prefer to keep their stash away from the bar area, and away from curious teenagers while away from home. Make sure you look into the bottle storage capacity on the bar to make sure you have enough space for your liquor / wine collection.

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The next factor we'll be discussing is the material that the bar is made out of. Most home bars are made of wood with some type of veneer mix and that's because it gives the bar a more classical look. However, wood isn't the only choice. You can also find bars in a more modern material like glass or acrylics. Keep In mind, glass is the most fragile kind, so you might want to think twice before inviting your sloppy drunk friend over for drinks. None of these are suitable for outdoors use. If you're looking specifically for outdoor bars then kilted bamboo is the best way to go as it withstands the changes in weather throughout the year.



Next we want to discuss functionality of your home bar. Some people prefer their bars to be fully functional with a sink and lots of storage for mixers, glasses, stemware holders, and other essentials while others opt for just the basics. Do you need bottle storage space, wheels on the bar, wine racks or just enough room on top for mixing drinks and serving them? It all depends on your budget as well as how much entertaining you plan on doing around your new bar.

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Home Decor

Last but not least, the home decor in your home should directly impact the bar you are planning to buy. Think about the style of your home, including all its furnishings, color of the floor, walls, curtains, etc. before making a purchase. Do you want something unique that will stand out from the rest of the house? Pr are you looking more for a piece that would blend in with the existing decor? Would an extendable marble bar top be more beneficial to you and your family? Think carefully about what would look best in your space as well as how much room it will take up.

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