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7 Must Haves For Hosting an Unforgettable Halloween Party

We're on the verge of Halloween 2022 and the excitement is off the roof for everyone. Everybody is looking forward to having a worry-less blast with friends and loved ones.The spookiest time of the year is also the happiest for many people around the world .This year, you have the golden opportunity to create an unforgettable halloween party that your guests will remember for years and years to come. In this blog post, we'll be talking about a few things you can get together if you plan on hosting a fun night of tricks and treats and you want to make sure you cause a spellbound on your guests. 

1. A Spooky Atmosphere 

Halloween - Skeleton Spooky

Dim the lights, light some candles, and play spooky music to create a haunted house vibe. Fake spider webs and other halloween decorations are essential. Make sure you spread the decorations evenly through the house. This helps the party goers stay in their halloween spirit

2. Halloween Snacks / Candy  

Feed your guests with ugly looking / good tasting food and they will be talking about that forever. Combining an extreme visual with a delicious flavor is a rare experience that's delightful to anyone who has ever experienced it. Tips for this type of halloween snacks are: Maggot cupcakes, Eye ball olives, Chocolate cockroaches and many, many more. Let your halloween creative self free!

3. Trick-or-Treat Bags for Guests 

Provide each of your guests with their own bag to collect candy in as they go from house to house. Also, not a terrible idea to have bowls of candy around the party. 

4. Costume Contest 

Have a contest for the best costume and give out prizes to the winners. Make it well known, have your guests take it up a notch with their costumes. Chances are the more time they spend working on their costume, the more they will enjoy to wear it! Big tip: Compliment your guests costumes, make them feel good and they will always remember that. 

5. Games 

Game Tables are the ultimate surprise to a party. Consider investing on a multi-card game table with interchangeable tops. These elegant tables can be used for dining, chess, backgammon and many other games. Round poker / dining tables are gaining popularity and they tend to be passed on through families for generations. For game room table ideas please visit our game room collection: 

6. Bar Cabinets

Serve up some delicious Halloween drinks by pulling out your bottles from your bar cabinet. Besides being a great conversation starter, a bar cabinet comes in handy especially if you can lock it for added security. 

7. Bar Carts

Halloween parties tend to fill up with the night adventurers. Prevent any overcrowding, spillage or accidents by investing in a bar cart. Alleviate your kitchen table and place the bar cart strategically so it's accessible yet safe of harm's way.  

Follow these tips and be sure to have an unforgettable halloween party!


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