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5 Types of Bar Carts to Consider For Your Next Event

Football season might be over soon, but there are still plenty of party planning opportunities left for 2022. The Superbowl is just a couple of weeks away and this year is FIFA World Cup year. Not everything revolves around sports and we get that, which is why we are listing five different types of bar carts for any occasion.

Wood Bar Carts

This might be the most popular type of bar cart in the US. Wood bar carts tend to be light weight making them easy to transport, sturdy and they have a very elegant look. Wood bar carts are mainly for indoor use; however, they can be taken outside if there’s no rain or snow. Almost every wood bar cart has one of two kinds of wheels; Plastic or iron. Plastic wheels don’t do very well on rough terrains like dirt, mud, or gravel. On the other hand, iron wheels are more suitable for outdoor use as well as heavier to move around. We recommend you assign a single person to serve drinks with a wood bar cart. This reduces the chances of the cart being damaged by drinks or water.

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Acrylic Bar Carts

A minimalist’ dream, the acrylic bar carts are starring this year. Acrylic bar carts are light weight, easy to clean, durable and gorgeous. Acrylic is hard to scratch (unless you purposely try to do so). Most of these will have plastic wheels with casters which help to stabilize mobility and secure it in a single spot. These bar carts are safe since acrylic does not shatter in case it’s destabilized like glass.

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Glass Bar Carts

The most fragile type of bar cart is also a preferred option by hosts around the world. These bar carts tend to be stunningly beautiful and the vast majority are mixed with metal frames which fit any kind of contemporary style. These carts are great for indoor parties where anyone can serve their own drink as glass is very easy to clean. However, if you plan on having kids at your event a different and safer cart is suggested to prevent any accidents that may result in injury.

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Rattan Bar Carts

The most outdoorsy kind of them all. The rattan bar carts are designed to be kept outside and they will be able to withstand rain, wind and sunlight. These carts are perfect for brunch gatherings outdoors as well as kids’ parties. They do have a lower weight capacity than acrylic and wood bar carts but the benefit of being able to be kept outside is a must for some hosts.

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Metal Bar Carts

Metal bar carts have been gaining popularity in recent years due to an increase in demand in industrial type furniture. Metal bar carts are very low maintenance and easy to care for. However, hosts need to be careful if they intend to use these carts outdoors. In very hot places, the direct exposure to sunlight can really warm up the cart causing some unpleasant burns. These carts are heavier and sturdier.

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