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Is Your Home Ready for Hosting The Perfect Watch Party?

There are several things you need to make sure your home is the ideal spot to watch a sporting event, and with all the action happening in the next few months, it’s imperative for the host to be one step ahead of the game and provide an unforgettable experience for their guests. In this blog post, we’ll be covering some of the essential items you need to upgrade your space and host the ultimate watching party. Football season is right around the corner and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will be starting in November. Don’t sleep on these tips and act promptly to create the experience your guests deserve.

Is your home ready for hosting the perfect watch party? - Elegant Bars Blog Post

1. TV / Projector 

First and foremost, you need a big enough TV to watch whatever sports you’re into. This might be the most obvious thing needed but it’s important to cover the basics if you want to impress your guests. The TV should be placed high enough for everyone to see and it should also be big enough, so your guests are not jammed packed in your home. Some people prefer using projectors which is also a very viable option. If you decide to go with the tv projector, it’s very important that you have a white background to be able to watch clearly. Also, don’t forget to make sure your tv provider is showing the event you’re trying to watch. Nothing screams party pooper more than a host that doesn’t plan accordingly. Make the necessary adjustments to be able to stream the event on your home.

TV Projector - Elegant Bars Blog Post

2. Sound system

Secondly, you need to invest in a surround system for your entertainment area. In order to fully immerse in the passion of the event you are watching, it’s important to listen to the commentators and the sound of the arena / stadium. Every sports maniac knows for a fact that being able to listen to the event is a huge plus. This can be exploited by using a Bluetooth speaker and linking it to your tv. Raising the tv volume without any speakers is likely to raise the decibel levels to an alarming level that can cause hearing loss. High-pitched sounds are not appreciated by most people so make sure your sound system is up to par.

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3. Snacks / Drinks

This is a must have for any party, not just a watch party. Make sure you have a wide variety of food and drinks for all of your guests. It’s important that you encourage your guests to bring anything they like but still have something to offer since you are the host. Indulge responsibly and make sure you got plenty of space in your fridge and there’s plenty of coolers.

Elegant Bars Blog Post

4 . Home Bars 

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, we can start talking about the factors that make a difference when friend’s start planning a watch party. Home bars are the name of the game and the talk around town for a great reason. Having a home bar allows you to have a place where you can peacefully unwind after a long day. Home bars come in different sizes and styles. Do your research with the space you have allotted to a home bar and make the best out of it. It’s a host’s responsibility to place the bar somewhere that allows viewing and comfortable seating. Make your home bar the center piece of your entertainment area and your watch party is sure to be lit! Browse our extensive line of home bars and get yours before we run out!

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5. Comfortable Seating

In order to watch a sporting event with total relaxation, the host must provide their guests with comfortable seating. The more guests you plan on hosting the more seats you will need to provide. Besides your couch there are a few other options you should consider to enhance the sports viewing experience. Counter height stools are great for standard countertops and kitchen islands. These provide a higher sense of relaxation as the body is closer to the ground and they’re commonly used in casual settings. If you own a home bar already, a bar height bar stool will be ideal for you. These bar stools tend to be about six inches taller than your standard counter stools. When looking for comfortable seating, keep in mind all the available options to you. From a adjustable height backless stool to a full swivel bar stools with foot rest. Think about your guests and the level of comfort you’re striving for. Feel free to browse out extensive line of bar stools.

Howard Miller - Ithaca Pub Stool - Buy Today

6. Bar Carts 

Owning a bar cart is only for the overachiever host. These accent pieces of furniture add a lot of personality to the entertainment space and they are super convenient to everyone at the watch party. Watch your guests gasp in amazement to see a bar cart with snacks and beverages thoughtfully placed for everyone to use. Take a look at our wide variety of bar carts with styles and prices for everyone.

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7. Game Room Furniture 

You must have a game room piece of furniture ace under your sleeve. There’s hardly anything better to get the competitive juices flowing than having a piece of game room furniture in your entertainment space. From checker tables to dartboard cabinets, the options are vast. If you want to make sure you nail this aspect of the party, a multi card- game table will allow you to play multiple games by flipping the tabletop. If you’re unsure as to where to begin, check out our impressive game room collection. 

 Butler Specialty - Masterpiece Gray Game Table - Buy Game Room Furniture - Elegant Bars

There you go folks; we hope these tips will help you prepare for your future watch parties. Successfully covering all of these will ensure your watch party is one to remember. Happy hosting!

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