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7 Wine Storage Solutions for Your Home

So you have found yourself in the sticky situation of having too many bottles of wine and no place to store them. Don't worry, about 3 out of 4 adults also drink wine routinely. Whether you are collecting bottles that you aren't planning on drinking right away or you're a daily wine expert, you should invest in the right wine storage.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind to keep your wines safe before you drink them. Keep reading for 7 wine storage solutions that will class up your home and keep your wine pristine. 

1. Wine Racks

If you are looking for a slim and modern design, wall-mount racks are the perfect wine storage because they can be put together with a hammer and nail in no time. Storing the bottles horizontally is good for long-term storage because it is effective in keeping the corks from drying. Usually, they can hold up to nine bottles per rack.  

A fan favorite is a wine rack with a pop-out table to double as storage and a table. Other common decorative options could be countertop racks, stand-alone sets, or stackable wine racks. 

2. Wine Drawers

Not everyone has a wine cellar with climate control, which is why wine drawers are becoming a popular way to put extra bottles away and keep the chic feeling. Wine drawer inserts can slide into kitchen cabinets and are available in 12-bottle, 18-bottle, or 24-bottle sizes. 

3. Display Shelves

These are great for serious wine collections, even if you don't have any extra space laying around. Some wine shelves can hold up to 36 bottles and are very sturdy. These are great because they hardly require any installation and can be moved around from room to room if you want to change the layout of your wine bar. 

4. Wine Cabinets 

The beauty of having wine cabinets is the ample space and variety. Some can feature glass, drawers, and small shelf sections. You can choose any color and finish you want depending on your home's theme. Wine cabinets can serve as a practical storage piece as well as a centerpiece.

There are racks that can hold wine bottles, glasses, and other neat accessories that can be great conversation starters. If you are looking for more fun options, Elegant Bars offers dart boards and other entertainment sets. Everyone wants to have a little fun with their wine decor. 

5. Bar Carts

Though bar carts have limited space for storage, this is a great option if you have a few bottles you want to showcase. Bar carts offer a variety of styles, from classic to chic.

They can be mobile, which makes them a go-to option if you want to serve drinks stylishly and quickly. Metal and glass pieces can easily clean, but the wood options also look incredibly elegant. 

6. Wine Case

While different wines require unique storage methods, some people like to put wine bottles in a case or bin. These can be stored away in cool and dark places or in a convenient place for you. These are designed to protect the wine's case or bottles and can preserve them for a great amount of time. 

7. Wine Cellar

This is typically a space in the basement, under the stains, or in a closet and is a dedicated space to store wine. Because the room is controlled by light exposure, temperature, and humidity, the wine is protected. These can be built into the house for those who are real wine connoisseurs. 

Because wine cellars can be pricy and a big investment, many people opt for buying a wine refrigerator. They can look perfect next to the right pub set or sidebar.

Tips and Tricks for Wine Storage 

Even after you pick your storage, you should know a few things to help keep your wine safe and at its best quality. If you invest in expensive products, you'll want to make sure you protect them. Here are a few things to think about:

Keep It Cool

Remember to always keep the wine in an area that is going to be cool. Temperatures any higher than 70 degrees will age wine more than you will want. This can result in flat aromas and flavors. 

Don't Shake It

Some wine drinkers say that vibration can damage the wine in the long term by speeding up the chemical reactions in the liquids. This can make them gritty, so try not to shake your wine bottles or spray a bottle like you would with champagne. 

Horizontal Racking

Bottles that you are going to drink in the future should store sideways. This storage solution can keep the liquid up against the cork, which will prevent it from drying out. If you are drinking them in the near future, you don't have to worry about this. 

Upgrade Your Wine Storage Today

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to wine storage; you will be able to pick your favorite. No matter what wine storage you end up choosing, it's important to remember the impact of light, temperature, and humidity. After reading this article, you should feel a little closer to choosing the right storage that will maintain the quality of your wine and make your living space feel exactly like you want. 

If you still feel like you aren't sure, check out our page so that you can fulfill your vision in your wine space. Elegant Bars can help make the perfect space for you to enjoy wine even more. 

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